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Gross Creek Ranch is a veteran-owned business located in Bunnlevel, NC. We have been coaching horses of all levels for more than 18 years. Our team works with horses that never had trail horse training so that you can ride them anywhere.

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We assure our customers that they are not wasting their money on our services. You can rely on us to train horses not only for their safety but also of their owner’s.

Our team has the proper work ethics and adequate skills to train horses in their actual elements. We coach these animals using natural horsemanship methods, nutrition and holistic methods.

The well-being of your horse will definitely be taken care of. Our team will attend to their needs one at a time—grooming, natural barefoot trims, and evaluating their nutrition for balance. We make sure that every horse is well-trained after our sessions.

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We offer our horse training services to riders all over North Carolina.
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Rocket is a Handsome Quarter Horse. 


Rocket 10 yr old 14.2 QH was taken in from neglect/abuse. He was already trained under saddle when we took him in, however needed a refresher and had a few bad habits. He was sent to refresher training and to qualm any negative behaviors. Joe was the only one willing to try, Seems as if rockets habits were a response form years of abuse and being alone for 7yrs. Rocket has been in re-training over 30 days and has been on a trail ride, he is doing much better. Rocket needs an EXPERIENCED horse person/adopter who is calm and gentle to give him the continued positive attention he needs.

Has been very busy at believe with new intakes.... Let's not forget we have these two in training. This mom was sold directly to a kill pen and gave birth shortly after arrival. She is only 3- 5 yrs old! She fought to keep the kill buyers help away from her! They used a cattle prob to shock her and finally we were called! Wasn't a easy task to get her loaded! she arrived terrified, skinned, sick and her baby with infection! Many nights we fought for them as we thought they would lose the battle! They survived strangles, pneumonia and bacterial infections. Gained lots of weight and now with a wonderful trainer! 


She has learned so much and defiantly loves Her training! Looks like she is going to make someone very happy horse owner! 

Remember Rocket ? We really had had a tough time with him at first, he was down right ornery. A cryptordchid, he was gelded at 9yr old at NC State. He was alone for 7 of his 9 years and not touched for the last year prior to his rescue. He had to learn how to be a horse again especially around other horses. His last chance was a man we knew named Joe Gross...he stayed with Joe for almost 4 months (Thank-You Joe), and was turned out with other horses and re-trained. He needed understanding and patients. Rocket turned around and was adopted a couple months ago. Every Horse deserves a chance....look what his 16 yr old very experienced adopter/owner (Meredith) says about Rocket !!! Thank-You for giving him such an wonderful home... 


Hey Deb, I just wanted to give you an update on Rocket. I LOVE THAT HORSE!