Are You Really What You Eat?

You are what you eat, or better yet what you digest. So is your horse.

Have you ever thought about what horses eat? When I grew up, the only thing I saw horses eat was grass and hay. If you go to a feed store you see bags and bags of horse feed. All are supposed to be balanced and nutritious. Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients? Do you look at the list of ingredients when you by your food? Growing up I never heard of or saw any horses with the diseases and ailment I am seeing now. Did you ever wonder why? What is in those feed bags? I was always told that if I couldn’t pronounce an ingredient on a label not to buy it. Probably synthetically produced.

  1. Fillers – Processed grain by products, grain products, soy bean hulls, etc
  2. Synthetic Vitamins and minerals – -Man cannot duplicate what nature creates, even when the chemical analysis is identical. Most vitamin supplements are isolated chemical USP (United States Pharmacopeia) vitamins and minerals pressed together in a pill. The vitamins are produced synthetically from petroleum in chemical plants, while the minerals come from mining companies. Brian Clement, in his book, Supplements Exposed, claims that because of their synthetic nature, the body views synthetic supplements as foreign substances and launches an immune response.

I decided to find better and healthier alternatives to the processed, synthetic and chemically altered options. After extensive research, I started using grass pellets for my horses. My older horses who are having problems chewing hay, I add shredded beet pulp. I soak all these. The ones who have problems with weight gain I add Rice bran meal and chia seeds. I use supplements which I found from ForeFront. If you want to check them out, go to The trace minerals I use is Fore74.

My horses’ attitudes have changed to the better, no more charging. Health issues have reduced or are no longer there. If I can help provide you with more information, contact me

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