Do you know the 8 Laws of Health?

Did you know that the 8 Laws of Health are the same for your horse has they are for you?  When you see what they are, you may think “Wow! I have heard that before.”  You are probably right.  Whether it is on TV, the internet or from friends and family: most of us have heard the 8 Laws of Health before.  When these laws are broken there are consequences.  Lack of health is one of them, it may be displaced in behavior issues, lack of energy or vitality. 

The Laws are:

Moderation – how many times have you heard “all things in moderation”?  It applies to everything we do.  Anything in excess can be bad for our health.

Air – we all know we need air to breath.  Fresh air and Sunshine, have you heard that one before?

Rest – If we don’t get enough rest, our bodies are affected.  Chances of illness are increase.  What about behavior problems, I don’t know about you, but I sure am grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep.

Trust – this can be the bond between your horse and you.   We all must trust someone or something.  If you didn’t you wouldn’t eat anything.

Nutrition – our bodies were designed to eat certain things, it is the same for horses

Water – our bodies are made up of mostly water.  All living creatures depend on water.

Exercise – have you ever heard a body in motion stays in motion?

Sunshine – this provides essential vitamins and minerals we need. We absorb vitamin D through our skin, as do horses.

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