Hay – Pellets or Cubes?

Have you ever wondered which one you should choose?  So have I.  So I did my research.  Reading information put out by Kentucky Equine Research says there is no difference in feeding cubes or pellets.  Is there?

Based on my experience, I would suggest that it depends on the horse.  Every horse is different and has different needs.  Each of us would benefit from learning to read their horse.  I chose to feed my horses grass hay pellets.  I made this decision based on what happened to my rescue horse, Old Man.  He is over 30, with very few teeth, and the ones he has are not in the best condition.  I thought he would benefit from the cubes, always heard it was higher in fiber.  He choked.  If anyone has had that happen to their horse, you know how scary it is.   Had to call the vet!

Old Man only gets soaked pellets!  Along with his all-natural supplements.  He is doing awesome.  I use ForeFront supplements.  These are the only ones I have found for horse specific, which uses only all-natural ingredients without synthetics or chemicals.  If you are interested in learning more about these products or purchasing them, please contact me at grosscreek@wetrainhorses.com.

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