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Hay – Pellets or Cubes?

Have you ever wondered which one you should choose?  So have I.  So I did my research.  Reading information put out by Kentucky Equine Research says there is no difference in feeding cubes or pellets.  Is there? Based on my experience, I would suggest that it depends on the horse.  Every horse is different and…

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Do you know the 8 Laws of Health?

Did you know that the 8 Laws of Health are the same for your horse has they are for you?  When you see what they are, you may think “Wow! I have heard that before.”  You are probably right.  Whether it is on TV, the internet or from friends and family: most of us have…

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Are You Really What You Eat?

You are what you eat, or better yet what you digest. So is your horse. Have you ever thought about what horses eat? When I grew up, the only thing I saw horses eat was grass and hay. If you go to a feed store you see bags and bags of horse feed. All are…

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